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KriptonASIC stands as the premier ASIC miner provider

reshaping the cryptocurrency mining landscape. Our mission is clear: to offer top-tier ASIC miners that amplify blockchain potential. With an unwavering focus on innovation and quality, we're a global leader empowering diverse mining ventures. Sustainability, community engagement, and technological excellence drive us forward. Step into the future of mining with KriptonASIC.

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KriptonASIC is known for selling highly efficient mining hardware, which translates to lower energy consumption and reduced operational costs. This can result in higher profit margins for miners using their equipment.


The reputation of KriptonASIC for producing reliable and durable mining equipment can instill confidence in miners. Reliable hardware minimizes downtime and maintenance, ensuring a stable and continuous mining operation.

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KriptonASIC typically offers robust customer support and warranties for their products. This support can be crucial in case of technical issues or hardware failures, helping miners get back to mining quickly.

Community and Trust

KriptonASIC might have a strong community of miners who have successfully used their equipment. Positive feedback and experiences from fellow miners can build trust and make the decision-making process easier.

Payment Flexibility

Using crypto as a payment method with KriptonASIC can provide a seamless and convenient payment experience for miners who are already familiar with the cryptocurrency ecosystem..

  • Manufacturer: BITMAIN
  • Model: Antminer KS3 (8.3Th)
  • Release: August 2023
  • Power: 3188W
  • Minable coins: Kaspa (KAS)
  • Noise level: 75db

Bitmain Antminer KS3 (8.3Th)

Model Antminer KS3 (8.3Th) from Bitmain mining KHeavyHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 8.3Th/s for a power consumption of 3188W.

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